Emo Wedding Cake

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Published On: Jul 14th, 2014

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Emo is a pretty girl who lives next to your abode. She is a very good friend of yours. His fiance is also your bosom friend. Both of them are going to get married very soon. The first invitation is for you. Be proud to have friends like them. The biggest worry for them is making the wedding cake. They have requested you to bake the cake. You are a famous chef in the city. After baking the cake decorate the cake in a grand manner. So many people will be coming for the wedding. Your cake will play a vital role in the celebration. Let the color of the cake be attractive and shiny. You know the couples for a long time. You also know what color they are fond of. Adorn the cake with the color they fancy. You can take your own time. The couples are grateful to you for baking the delicious cake. Atop the cake you can keep fruits if you wish to. Share the works of the couples till the wedding gets over.
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