Baby Jasmine Leg Injury

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Published On: Jul 19th, 2018

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Baby Jasmine fosters a tiger since seven years. The parents of the girl are very kind towards the tiger. Every evening after coming from school the girl will ride on the tiger. This is the only thing that makes her happy. Yesterday when she was riding, she fell down accidentally and got hurt. The kid is crying bitterly due to the pain. Treat the kid with love and care. Wipe off the blood and bandage the wound. On the other hand her leg got hurt badly. Stitch the wound and bandage the wound. After the treatment you ought to give a shower and dress the girl. The parents of the girl are not at home. So be with the girl until they come back. Comfort the girl with your presence. The parents of baby of baby Jasmine are very much obliged to your service. The pet of baby Jasmine is awaiting her return and praying to God for her speedy recovery.
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